Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wisconsin Dells Wolf May Have Been Killed

DNR Halted Efforts To Trap Animal

MADISON, Wis. -- The Department of Natural Resources said that since June 1 it has halted efforts to trap a wolf or wolf-dog hybrid spotted on a farm east of the Wisconsin Dells. Officials were intending to euthanize the animal because it attacked at least two animals -- including a pet dog and a Holstein calf.

Efforts to trap the wolf have stopped because it hadn't been seen for two weeks, WISC-TV reported.

The DNR told News 3 on Friday that a wolf was recently shot by a Sauk County turkey hunter who apparently mistook it for a coyote. The DNR will not confirm whether that wolf is the same one that was spotted near the Dells.

Inquires about the wolf or the DNR's wolf-management policy should be directed to the DNR.

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