Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Juneau residents seek wolf killer

Associated Press

State officials have sanctioned wolf kills as predator control in parts of Interior and Southcentral Alaska. But in Juneau, there's a reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of whoever killed a local wolf out of season about ten days ago.
About 10 Juneau residents have contributed to offer a three-thousand dollar reward to find out who killed a black wolf on July 16th. The carcass was found at a pullout on Thane Road south of downtown Juneau.

Author and wildlife advocate Nick Jans contributed to the reward fund. He says residents want to do everything they can to make sure such an event doesn't go unpunished.

The Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement is investigating the wolf case. The bureau has put out its own request for information. Tests are being conducted to determine if the wolf is the same animal that has been commonly seen near Mendenhall Lake. That wolf was nicknamed Romeo and was known for playing with dogs accompanying people on walks. A state biologist says the dead wolf was shot several times and its throat was slit.


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