Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wisconsin wolf that was slated for capture can't be found


First state officials wanted to kill the wolf. Then they planned to send it to Minnesota. But they can't do anything until they find it first.

In May, officials with the state Department of Natural Resources planned to destroy a wolf that had attacked a calf and dog near Wisconsin Dells. That decision prompted a letter-writing campaign, with at least one letter coming from the United Kingdom. The writers pleaded for the wolf to be spared and sent to a sanctuary instead.

D-N-R officials agreed to send it to the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota. But they haven't been able to capture the wolf in about two months. A D-N-R spokesman says it's unclear whether the wolf has left the area or is laying low.

He says two wolves were recently found dead in the Newport area -- but neither was believed to be the wolf in question because afterward there were new reports of a calf killed and a dog injured.


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