Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wolf captured by group of Thai villagers

By Phoojadkarn Daily

The Canadian gray wolf that escaped from Chiang Mai Night Safari six weeks ago now sits in a cage after being captured by local villagers Saturday night. The Canadian grey wolf that escaped from Chiang Mai Night Safari a month ago and wreaked havoc across the countryside was captured late Saturday night.

A group of 10 amateur hunters, headed by village leader Pornthip Uttama, finally found the wolf walking out of a grove in the foothills of Doi Suthep in Muang district on Saturday night. The group had kept up a close watch for the animal in that area, where they believed the it had been hiding for days. The wolf was shot with tranquilizer guns before being captured and returned to the zoo.

Zoo Director Plodprasop Suraswadi yesterday rewarded the hunters with 10,000 baht cash for bringing the animal back to the zoo. “We hunted it to ensure the safety of our villagers, not for the cash reward,” said Pornthip.

Meanwhile, the zoo’s director said yesterday that the animal had been captured and asked those he thought wanted to discredit him to stop talking about the issue. “We, as a human beings, can make mistakes. But if you want me to promise that there will be no more animals breaking out of the zoo, I can’t,” Plodprasop said.

The wolf, which had been brought to Chiang Mai Night Safari from the Czech Republic, escaped a month ago, but zoo officials did not alert the public because they believed the animal posed no danger. During the past month, the wolf has reportedly killed 200 chickens, five dogs and several ducks in the Ban Pong Noi, Ban Ramperng and Ban Sanlomjoi villages located near the zo

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