Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wolves escape from Moline area zoo

Niabi Zoo in trying to get back to normal in Coal Valley. That's after an escaped female gray wolf, Onya, was shot and killed early Saturday by a sheriff's deputy about a mile from the zoo.

The zoo's two wolves went missing on Thursday. The male, Nanook, was captured Friday morning.

On Sunday, kids of all ages were back to enjoy the animals and activities. The free admission day sponsored by Deere and Company always attracts a big crowd.

But while families find plenty to see and do, it's been a tough few days for zoo staffers. They say it's good to see the guests back but hard to deal with the situation.

"It's in the back of our minds what's going on," said Tom Stalf, zoo director. "Our investigation is still continuing on what we're going to do with the wolf exhibit as well as making sure that it doesn't happen again."

Stalf said he will work to find a new home for the male wolf.