Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wolves kill 13 dogs being trained for Wisconsin's bear hunt

Associated Press

SPOONER, Wis. — The state is warning bear hunters about the danger of training dogs for the hunt in four northern Wisconsin areas that include parts of eight counties, after wolves killed 13 dogs and injured four others in the past two months. According to the Department of Natural Resources, most of the incidents happened when dogs being trained for bear hunting entered the rendezvous sites where wolves were raising pups.

Wolves are extremely defensive of pups at those sites and will attack dogs or other predators that get too close, according to Adrian Wydevan, a DNR biologist. Wolves use the sites in raising their young from June through late September.

The DNR said one caution area includes parts of Lincoln, Taylor and Marathon counties, another is in parts of Bayfield and Douglas counties, a third is in Marinette County and the other is in Sawyer and Rusk counties.

The caution areas are posted on the DNR Web site.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don`t and I won´t understand why humains are hurting animals ? They feel the same pain as us, can´t you get it? Leave animals alone , go and play football instead. The animals are not the problem in our world, its us.. we are so fucking stupied. I hope a humain or an animal kills you fucking humain. You don´t deserve to live.. You an´t doing some good only pain.

    9/24/2007 10:53 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Some folks in life are just fools. The way I got it looked at is if they had wolves in there back yard and killing off there family pets or children. They would call the U.S. armed forces to have them distroyed! Histroy killed wolves off for a reason. Why do we study histroy? So histroy dont repeat its self! I dont understand why there are just a groop of fools in life that dont want to study histroy! Save a few and let them live in a zoo where thay belong behind bars! Do we not lock up our cold blooded killers in life? Try and turn loose all the killers in our prissions and see what happens! To the comment #1 You say "we are so fucking stupied". I think your right WE ARE! And its form fools like you that dont want to study histroy. And dont like the world they live in a safer place to be! When a killer is at your door step doing his thing. We can all just send the cops out and play a game of football and leave the bad guys in life alone! What do you think a cop or a hunter is? We are people that put our life on the line for you! And if you dont think animals will kill if not under control. Go shake hands with a wild bear or sleep with the wolves some time. We all play a part in making this world safer place to live in! Cops do there job and hunters do there job. And we both have guns and dogs to do it safe. Ask your self this, what are you doing to make this world a more safe place to be? Cops use dogs in there work and so do hunters. And it takes a lot training to get a dog to do its job right.

    11/21/2008 5:38 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The word is spelt "history" not histroy

    2/21/2009 6:46 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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