Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jumeirah wolf follow up-Hunt for a home

After eluding experts for weeks the Jumeirah Islands wolf has finally been caught.

The animal, thought to be a cross between a rare Arabian Wolf and a dog, was captured by a group of Bedouin who had staked it out for days. “A lady in Emirates Hills used to feed it biscuits regularly in the evening,” said local resident Andreas Desai, who was involved in the capture.

“We set a trap at the spot. We hid behind some bushes and while the wolf was eating the biscuits, we shot a tranquiliser at him,” he said. The wolf, unconscious but unharmed, has been taken to a nearby private farm. “The wolf is safe, healthy and fine,” said Desai.

The capture brings to an end more than a week of hunting by experts, security guards and curious residents. One of the Bedouin, Mohammed, said the location would be revealed soon when it’s been decided what to do with the animal.

It’s likely it will either go to a zoo or remain on the farm. Arabian Wolves are thought to be virtually extinct in the wild. Residents of Jumeirah Islands and Emirates Hills have been reporting sightings for weeks.

While most were curious about the rare animal, some were afraid it could be dangerous.

But despite those fears the ‘hunters’ took their time in catching the animal. “The reason it took so long to capture the wolf was that we did not want to harm it in any way,” said D

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